WIKA MC – PAT Hirschmann MK3E2-MK4E2 LMI Upgrade System


WIKA Mobile Control Part # 031-300-101-422

WIKA Mobile Control MK3E2- MK4E2  LMI Upgrade System.


WIKA Mobile Control Part # 031-300-101-422

WIKA Mobile Control MK3E2- MK4E2  LMI Upgrade System.

The WIKA Mobile Control (formerly Hirschmann MCS, PAT, Kruger) iVISOR MK4E2 Load Moment Indicator displays a full range of precise information in the operator‘s cab.

Designed for use on mobile cranes, the WIKA Mobile Control iVISOR MK4E2 Load Moment Indicator is installed and calibrated to the load chart of each crane – including specific load and geometric limits on boom length, angle, and operating radius. The iVISOR MK4E/2 load moment indicator gives the operator the information necessary to fully utilize the crane’s capacity while keeping within the working limits of the crane.

Displays actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius
Alerts the operator in an impending two block condition. Integrated lightbar provides a quick reference of the cranes utilization
Quick and easy setup through the operator‘s console
User-friendly console
Meets SAE and ANSI B-30.5 standards
Windows PC software for simple configuration and calibration

Quick & Easy Calibration – Exclusive AccuCal calibration procedure done through the operator‘s


Measures True Load Moment – By measuring true load moment, the WIKA Mobile Control iVISOR MK4E2 Load Moment Indicator senses boom dynamics, load swing out, wind loading, shock load, and effects of boom deflection.

Self-Diagnostics – Continuously monitors system and sensors. Error codes are displayed to help identify problems and minimize downtime.

Control Lever Lockout – When the LMI system senses an overload or an impending two-block condition, the WIKA Mobile Control iVISOR MK4E2 Load Moment Indicator provides a relay output which can be used to engage an optional lever lockout.

The WIKA Mobile Control load moment system iVISOR MK4E2 has been designed to provide the crane operator with the essential information required to operate the machine within its design parameters.

Using different sensing devices, the system monitors various crane functions and provides the operator with a continuous reading of the crane’s capacity. The readings continuously change, as the crane moves through the motions needed to make the lift.

The Mark 4E/2 provides the operator with information regarding the angle of the boom, working radius, rated load and the total calculated weight being lifted by the crane. If non permitted conditions are approached, the Mark 4E/2 will warn the operator by sounding an audible alarm, lighting a warning light and locking out those functions that may increase load moment; such as: lowering or extending the boom or lifting the load

The system operates on the principle of reference/real comparison. The real value, resulting from the load measurement is compared with the reference and calibration data, stored in the central processor memory and evaluated in the microprocessor. When limits are reached, an overload warning signal is generated at the indicator panel/operator’s console. At the same time, the aggravating crane movements, such as hoist up and boom down, will be stopped.
The fixed data regarding the crane, such as capacity charts, boom weights, centers of gravity and dimensions are stored in memory chips in the central processor unit. This data is the reference information used to calculate the operating conditions.

The WIKA Mobile Control iVISOR MK4E2 includes:

indicator panel (operating console) which displays the following:
program number
selected parts of line (main/aux)
boom radius
boom angle/boom length (temporary)
load on the hook (actual load)
load moment (permitted load)
central unit (microprocessor and input/output electronics)
angle sensor
length sensor
pressure sensors
Anti-Two-Block switch
(Other combinations are possible depending on demand)

Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions15 × 16 × 16 in