WIKA MC – PAT Hirschmann DS85 CAN Bus Operating Console



WIKA Mobile Control Part # 031-300-060-455

WIKA Mobile Control DS85

Crane serial specific software is required. Please contact us if you need us to provide it.

The DS 85 system is a CAN bus system consisting of a central micro processor unit/operating console, length/angle sensor, pressure transducers, and anti-two block switches.

The Load Moment Indicator system operates on the principle of reference/real comparison. The real value, resulting from the pressure measurement is compared with the reference data, stored in the central processor memory and evaluated in the micro processor. When limits are reached, an overload warning signal is generated at the operator’s console. At the same time, the aggravating crane movements, such as hoist up, telescope out and boom down, will be stopped.

The fixed data regarding the crane, such as capacity charts, boom weights, centers of gravity and dimensions are stored in memory in the central processor unit. This data is the reference information used to calculate the operating conditions.

The operating modes are selected by the operating mode key on the console by scrolling through the text messages defining the boom truck configuration.

The crane load is measured by pressure transducers attached to the piston and rod side of the hoist cylinders.

Boom length and boom angle are transmitted by length/angle CAN bus node mounted on the side of the boom in the angle sensor box. The length sensor/cable reel is mounted inside the base which measures the boom length.

The PAT RATB works like our normal Anti-Two-Block. It alerts to an impending two-block condition.

This alert can come in the form of an audible alarm and visual LED or with the optional function lockout if the crane is so equipped. The radio anti two block transmitter switch transmits a error condition when the switch closes or transmits an OK signal, no less than every two seconds to the receive. The transmitters send a unique serialized frequency on up to three separate channels to ensure accurate and consistent reception of data and to reduce the possibility of unnoticed failure.

The transmitter is powered by 4 C batteries. The receiver is mounted into a receiver box locate near the operating station. The receiver box provides the following indications: Power (status), LINK, Low Battery, and A2B. The receiver will work 10…32VDC and fused to 1 Amp.

The DS 85 load moment indicator system was designed especially for the use in
small telescopic cranes. The complete control and display unit is built into a
housing the size of a car radio, which can be inserted into the machines
dashboard. All operating data can be displayed on the double line dot matrix

CAN bus technology is used throughout the system, the advantages of which can
be found not only in the central unit, but in the sensor technology as well. In
comparison to conventional analogue technology, this technology provides added
system diagnostic possibilities which lead to shorter commissioning and service


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