Greer Ultimate A2B Switch


Greer Part # A250100

Greer Ultimate A2B switch.

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The Ultimate Switch™ from Greer®

Quite simply, the most advanced anti two-block switch in the world.

Greer Part # A250100

The Ultimate Switch™ from Greer Company is the latest innovation in A2B switches, with added protection against two-blocking situations for crane operators and ground personnel. As crane operations become more challenging, the Ultimate Switch offers advanced features that address the need for a smaller footprint on boom heads, easy cable replacement, no-hassle mounting flexibility, and dramatically less cable wear.

  • Smaller Footprint: Fits easily on crowded boom heads
  • Universal Mounting Adapter: Enables easy switch replacement when converting from a competitor switch.
  • 360º Rotation of the Switch Cable: Eliminates cable “bird nesting.”
  • 22º Swivel and a 360º Rotation: Keep switch parallel to load line, reducing the potential of switch (cable) damage at high and low boom angles; reduce cable drag from the switch to load line.
  • Advanced Electrical Interface: Offers a quick disconnect feature for easy cable replacement, making switch removal unnecessary.
  • Travel Mode Lockout Pin and Flag: Easily removed for crane operations and reinstalls quickly for rigging and travel operations.
  • Quick Connect Clip: Designed for quick main and jib mounting. Spring clip is quickly removed providing easy and rapid installation or replacement.

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